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How to book your Hypnosis session

These sessions are booked directly through me. I do this to ensure you are prepared for the most powerful of all healing sessions I offer (explained below). Please email me directly or contact me through Instagram messaging to inquire about booking. If you haven't had a session with me before and are interested in booking an AURA Healing, please book a complimentary consult to discuss the session.


Before booking an AURA session, I like to ensure clients are ready for hypnosis sessions. Some people have no problem going into hypnosis state no matter their density or experience working with their third eye or imagination. I have always fallen into this category, experiencing my first hypnosis in my early 20s, with no formal meditation practice or psychic development beforehand. Others may have some challenges going into a deep hypnosis state, because they don't trust their intuition yet. In these type of sessions, we often spend a lot of time going back and forth with the ego mind, try to help it understand that it is for its highest healing if it steps aside. In my experience, this takes away from having a powerful session. That said, almost everyone can access hypnosis state, because you are already doing it everyday. These sessions will bring being in hypnosis, or Theta state, into a more conscious awareness for you. Afterwards you will feel this heightened state for several days. It will help you familiarize yourself with this state of awareness.


If you haven't had any formal practice with meditation or psychic development, I recommend that clients do a series of Inner Work sessions with me to get comfortable with working with their imagination and third eye, and build more inner trust with their own personal guidance system. This will help you also identify what is ego and not ego. This will also start attuning you into working with basic shielding, prayer, the shadow, timelines, and identifying and releasing stuck energy in your body.


If you know you can easily access your third eye, please let me know and we can book the session directly.

I look forward to working with you in these most powerful of healing sessions!

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