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Inner Work

About Inner Work

Inner Work, or Shadow-work, is an important piece to finding inner freedom and self love, expansion in consciousness, development of intuition, manifestation of desires, and an acceleration of healing, including healing of symptoms. For people healing Chronic Illness, symptoms can be rooted in subconscious emotional and mental patterns or soul injuries, as these can create energetic blockages within us and slow our ability to heal. Because these have not been seen by our conscious mind, then these energies remain as a shadow consciousness within us (in our subconscious) until they are brought into the the light and integrated/healed. Hence the word shadow-work. These shadow blockages can also limit our ability to consciously create a life that feels aligned for us. These blockages can be rooted in this lifetime, ancestral lineages, and past lives.

Stepping into their Inner-Work journey is one of the areas I find my clients have the most fear around, yet it is one of the most critical aspects to accelerating our healing, especially after we have established a good nutritional foundation to nourish and heal ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is also incredibly easy to learn this modality of healing, because it is already part of our intuitive knowing. Most importantly, it is empowering to realize we can heal these parts of ourselves, thereby deepening our self love, self compassion, and self trust. Shadow-work also strengthens psychic attunements (clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, etc) as we travel through the imagination to heal these shadow aspects of ourselves.


There are many forms of inner-work. I offer two main session types for this work:

  1. The first is Shadow-work, which is where I recommend my clients start their Inner-Work Journey. In these session I draw from the following approaches: Inner Child Healing, Somatic Alchemy, Parts Work, and Trance Meditation. These are all forms of self healing, and will empower you to learn how to heal yourself at the deepest of levels. As your guide in these sessions, I am intuitively directed to which of my tools to draw from and how to use them to help you deepen into the work.

  2. The second is Angelic Hypnosis Healing, which is a hypnosis regression session where you can journey into versions of you in this lifetime, past lifetimes, parallel dimensions, and other higher or lower dimensional realms. These sessions also include a energy body scan done in conjunction with your Higher Self and the Archangels, which is particularly beneficial for someone with negative entity issues. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions of your Higher Self. This level of work requires some mastery of Shadow-work and an ability to work psychically. These sessions are highly activating and require a regular spiritual practice for the most profound integration.

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