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Angelic Hypnosis Healing

Angelic Hypnosis Healing is a hypnosis technique that combines sacred alchemy energy work, past life regression, entity removal, and self healing. This form of quantum healing has the potential to accelerate your healing process and remove energies blocking you from embodying your highest healing potential.

These sessions are incredibly powerful, and are created by you, your Higher Self and Guidance Team, to be exactly what you need at the time of your session in your healing journey. In the sessions a deep hypnosis state is achieved through the aid of the sacred alchemy energy healing at the start of the hypnosis session. Once in the hypnosis state, you work with your Higher Self and Angelics to access your past life/lives and also to Self-Heal. This means all questions and answers come from your guidance system, and all healing experienced is self healing. These hypnosis sessions are unique in that they also include entity removal as part of the session, which can remove blocks to your healing, be it physical pain or mental, emotional, or spiritual blocks/imbalances. In addition to the above, the client brings a list of questions for the Higher Self to answer and activate self healing.

If you are invested in your ascension journey and/or intuition development, doing these types of sessions will assist you in your evolution to higher states of consciousness, including

  • increased psychic development,

  • an understanding of what channeling can feel like,

  • experience of new levels of theta meditative states (which are then easier to access once experienced), and

  • access to your memory fields beyond just this lifetime.


The end result of these powerful sessions is a higher connection with your Higher Self, and a deeper understanding of who you are and what this universe is here to teach you, including how this inverted matrix works. 

Why do a past life regression?

Past life regression allows us to tap into the vast stores of memory your soul holds. These vast stores of memory are the history of your soul, from soul inception point to now (and beyond), which we agree to forget once we incarnate into this lifetime. Each soul, over many lifetimes, develops soul themes to work through. Understanding these soul themes can be a powerful aid in our healing, especially at a time when these soul themes are coming into completion. These completion timelines are a part of the ascension cycle we are currently in (moving from 3 dimensional to 5 dimensional energies) and one of the reasons many are experiencing greater states of illness or challenge in this lifetime. Ascension is available at this time to any soul willing to do the work to move into higher state of consciousness, which is ultimately a higher form of Love. In addition because of these galactic ascension energies, it is easier for us to access these soul memories, making hypnosis regression a natural evolution to our healing journeys.


In the past life regression part of the session, your Higher Self serves as your guide to bring forth the lifetime you are meant to see and experience. These past (sometimes future or parallel) lifetimes often activate us into a higher knowing of who we are, why we are working on the traumas we are healing in this lifetime, and allow us the opportunity to heal that lifetime. In my personal experience, this can be profoundly transformational, as the understanding of why we may have certain themes or people in our present life helps us move into a deeper understanding and even healing of the current life challenges.

Why do Entity Removal?

Angelic Hypnosis Healing is also an Entity Removal Technique. Similar to the work we do in physical detox with Medical Medium information where we remove inorganic toxins from the body (pathogens, heavy metals, and other physical toxins), this modality assists in removing toxic etheric energies from the body, including negative entities, A.I., technologies, hooks, implants, portals, etc. These energies can come through this lifetime, ancestral lineages, past life-times, other timelines. They are often connected/attached to traumas or emotional blockages, which means these traumas or blockages will need to be healed at the same time we remove the negative energies, to ensure new attachments do not take hold.


These negative energies can be a potential contributor and trigger to illness, symptoms, and emotional and mental imbalances. These blockages of energy can also impair deep connection to the Higher Self during meditation, dream-time, and spiritual development. It is an important piece to address in any healing journey, and essential for those on an ascension timeline as these negative energies are a part of our universal construct (organic or not) and will keep you locked in third or fourth dimensional consciousness if not properly addressed.


In my experience, some people will have much more complex journeys with entities than others, and will require more than just one session to unravel all these layers. I recommend learning somatic alchemy or other forms of shadow-work to assist you in accelerating this process. In the somatic alchemy sessions I teach people how to work with negative energies in their field, so that they can begin this clearing process before they even arrive at a Hypnosis Healing Session.

As part of the Entity Removal Body Scan, the Higher Self and Angels can assist you in Self Healing the following:

Damage from all types of injections, A.I., illnesses, disease, vision, dental health, regrow teeth, DNA repair, blocked or misaligned chakras, issues with auric field, negative cords, negative implants, hooks, portals, removal of entities, Reptilian Consciousness or Archons, fragmented soul, removal of negative contracts, and traumas from current or past life.


Once these inversions or infringements are released and healed, the body is then able to move into a higher vibration, which means deeper levels of self healing and deeper embodiment of your own organic Love-Light frequencies and soul blueprint.

Why Ask Questions to your Higher Self?

These questions will help set the intention for your session, and will help guide us in the interview part of the session. The questions are usually themes or topics you would like guidance for, and even specific requests for healing from your Higher Self. In the session, I will ask these questions, weaving them in at appropriate times and sometimes I will be guided to ask additional follow-up questions to help the Client understand the information at a deeper level. Oftentimes you will find the questions you ask will inform the past life part of the session, and sometimes your Higher Self and the Archangels will provide additional information that they feel you are ready to hear. I recommend taking time with these questions, and setting clear intentions for your highest healing when writing them and then letting go of any attachment to any answers. Sometimes you may find you will start receiving answers to these questions before the session arrives, as your team will be working with you in preparation for the session from the moment you decide to do the session.


It is my honor to do this work, and show others what is possible when they begin understanding their own personal soul journey, how it has affected them through lifetimes, and how to use those soul lessons to move into greater states of Love and integration of the polarity.

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Who is this for

  • You desire accelerated healing of illness, symptoms, or regeneration of your body.
  • Anyone seeking clarity on who they are, their mission here on earth, and their challenges they are faced with.
  • You want to activate into your psychic and intuitive abilities, and develop a stronger connection with your Higher Self and guidance team.
  • You are interested to learn about your past, present, or future lifetimes, including healing them and healing how they are affecting you in this lifetime!
  • You are dedicated to your journey and want to be cleared of infringements like entities, technologies, and beyond that keep you locked into things like illness, traumas, and the inverted matrix.

Session Preparation and Logistics

  • Click on this link for details on how to prepare for your session. I suggest reading this page before you book!

  • Sessions are 4-5 hours in length. Most people feel deeply rested after their sessions. You may also feel very tired after the session.

  • Please be hydrated and have water with you for our session.

  • Be in a quiet space that will easily allow you to receive the healing.

  • Have something (or things) in mind you would like to heal or ask, and send these to me in advance of the session (see preparation sheet for how to do this).

Integrating Your Session (Short Term)

  • Most people feel improvement either in or soon after the session, but we still want to support the integration process of the body (which can take a few hours or a few days). Continue to hydrate that day and the following days while you are integrating the healing.

  • You may experience some detox effects after the session. In addition to hydration, extra grounding will be beneficial (feet on earth, sunshine, or epsom salt baths)

  • Maintain a plant based diet for 2 weeks after your session.

Integrating Your Session (Long Term)

  • For some people just one regression will be enough, and they will feel enough resolution and clearing to not need another session again. That said, most people will have layers of work to this process, and some will want to invest in additional sessions to unravel the layers of energies and past lives affecting them in this lifetime.

  • Once a lifetime is accessed, you can continue to access more details of this lifetime. I recommend doing this organically, when called to.

  • I personally recommend doing some kind of follow-up session with me to assist you in integration of these sessions. You will be guided if you need this additional guidance, and the timing of it as well.

Book your Session Here!

**if you have received the V****ne for C*v*d or intend to receive it before the session,
please let me know at the start of your session.**


My Personal Journey with Hypnosis Healing

I have had a deep and complex journey unraveling all the factors and energies that have contributed to my expression of illness. I had to heal a rather complicated and challenging issue with entities, that stemmed back many lifetimes, through my ancestral lineage, and my childhood. What I discovered along the way was that these entities were a major contributing factor to my illness, and were blocking my ability to heal and activate my psychic abilities. I was guided to work with Hypnosis Healing, to not only help me see who I really am, but also to help me see and heal the dark energies that had been affecting me. Through the process, I had to overcome a deep fear of these dark energies, and learn to use Love at the Highest levels to Heal and Release the darkness and evil affecting me. This part of my journey has brought me a level of peace and growth that I didn't know possible, which continues to evolve and deepen the more I move into this work. Through these sessions I hope to teach my clients also that healing on all levels is possible.

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**There are no refunds on any single sessions. You must come prepared
for the session as per the preparation guidelines.**

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