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Phototherapy Patches

About Phototherapy Patches

Phototherapy Patches can help accelerate healing in your body through a gentle and supportive technology that works with your own body's light. My clients have shared that these patches have helped them with all areas of their healing, including regeneration, detoxification, pain alleviation, wound healing, acne clearing, muscle building, increased energy, healing emotional wounds, weight loss, hair growth, wrinkles diminishment, and much much more.


Each patch contains liquid crystal technology that amplifies and redirects your bodies infrared light into the skin, to trigger biochemical changes that instruct your body to take specific actions. That means, there is no medicine introduced into your body, because it works with your own body's light system to effect change. They have an extensive library of research available on each of the patches (available on the company website).

The Patches themselves are small round patches with adhesives that you wear on your skin on acupuncture points up to 12 hours at a time. They can be used alone or in combination on specific acupuncture points to open energy channels and accelerate healing. For example, there are Thyroid Healing Protocols, Adrenal Support Protocols, and even Anti-Aging Protocols.

I have personally been working with them and found they have helped tremendously with healing the neurological damage left over from Epstein Barr infection (that food or supplements were not able to shift). I noticed a shift in my energy level just after 3 weeks of wearing them and I continue to heal at an accelerated rate. My skin is improving even, emotionally I feel better, and my intuition has even increased!

My clients & friends are having similar amazing results. Many people in the Medical Medium community are using these with great benefit!

If you are looking for faster healing results or to heal symptoms that won't budge (regardless of working with Medical Medium information), these can be a tremendous tool in your toolbox.

I am also here to help you along your journey, so reach out, ask your questions and allow me to help you navigate through your Phototherapy Patch experience, from learning to purchasing and using them.

Watch the video below to see a patch testimonial about reversing dementia.

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Benefits of the Patches

  • They help the body to heal with it's own Light, without the need to use food or inject the body with anything. No drugs, chemicals or stimulants.

  • Convenient and easy to use. They can be used to assist with any wellness goals like  regeneration, detoxification, pain alleviation, wound healing, acne, muscle building, increased energy, depression, and much much more.

  • Supports your overall wellness in combination with a healthy physical routine.

Who are the patches for

  • Almost everyone can use them (except organ transplant recipients). From chronically ill people to world class athletes to children and even pets!

  • They are perfect for anyone who cannot do the MM protocols fully, has stuck symptoms, or wants to speed up healing timelines.

How do I learn more

  • Message me via Instagram or Facebook to request more information.

  • Add me as a friend on Facebook so that I can invite you to a private Facebook group with information on the patches, including what they are, how to use them, patching protocols, and thousands of testimonials.

  • Go to the companies website and read about them.

  • Usually I recommend people starting with the X-39, but recommendations vary depending on what your body intuitively needs and what your focusing on healing.

  • By contacting me I will provide you support with all aspects of choosing the right patches and purchase plan, to how to navigate the process of integrating them into your healing journey.

Choosing the Right Patch

Purchase your Patch Here

Click on the link below and pick the patches you want and purchase. If Preferred Customer programming is available in your country, I recommend purchasing that plan. You can also opt to be a Distributor. Please reach out to me to help you navigate through this process.

Need Assistance?
Message me OR Book a Phototherapy Patch Complimentary Consult

Find me on Instagram or Facebook for message support.

The Complimentary Consult calls are for existing phototherapy patch clients or new clients who would like to learn more about the patches or guidance on what patches to use. I recommend messaging me before your appointment so I can share information with you before our call so that you can get the most from our time together.

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Hi I am Zarnaz! I help women break free from chronic illness and embody their authentic selves through nutritional guidance, energy healing, and inner work.

I started working with Lifewave Phototherapy Patches in October 2021 after spending 6 months in the sidelines thinking about it. I wish I had started earliers. Right away I began experiencing accelerated healing, less pain, and better skin. It has stopped viral flares in its tracks, detoxed and healed (in less than 2 hours) swelling from venom when a spider bit my finger, helped my kitty with her own viral flares, and is now helping my puppy to detox and heal from all the medical procedures and other toxins in her body. Almost all of my clients have used them and shared miracle stories with me about how it changed their lives. These are a great supportive tool for a healing journey and have helped many of my clients heal from accidents and even child birth.

**All patches are purchased directly through Lifewave. I make no guarantees about results with any of the patches. The company offers refunds depending on the type of purchase within a set time limit. Always check with your doctor before introducing any new wellness products. Please read Medical Disclaimer linked below.**

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