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Angelic Soul Alignment Healing

Angelic Soul Alignment Healing is an energy healing modality that works with Source and Archangels to cleanse and heal the energetic body, to assist you to align with your highest potential in this incarnation.


In these sessions your Higher Self will guide me to cleanse and clear what is ready to be healed and released in your energy centers (chakras), energy body, and akashic records. The sessions can include emotional wound healing, healing and reintegration of soul fractures, negative entity removal, infringement removal (negative energy attachments like rods, anchors, hooks, etc.), releasing of dark lower dimensional energies, ancestral healing, past life healing, and more. Messages may come through about your soul mission, areas of your life to work on, past lives, your potential future timelines, and aligned actions that can deepen the angelic soul alignment healing. Elemental beings, angels, and guides that are here to assist you may come forward in the healing and bring messages to you, and also to present themselves so that you can connect with them in your spiritual journey.


These sessions will open you up to be able to hold more Love Light in your field, connect more directly with your Higher Self, and will assist you to align with a higher timeline in this incarnation. You may experience subtle and profound shifts as a results of these session, including feeling lighter, more connected to your soul and higher purpose, an expansion of your consciousness, and more easily able to take aligned actions with your higher purpose. Integration of these sessions can be immediate and also take time to see the full possibility of changes. These are incredibly powerful healing sessions that I am beyond grateful to be able to offer to my clients.


Why do an Angelic Soul Alignment Healing Session?

Similar to the work we do in physical detox with Medical Medium information where we remove inorganic toxins from the body (pathogens, heavy metals, physical toxins), this modality assists in removing toxic or lower density etheric energies from the body. These energies can come through this lifetime, ancestral lineages, past life-times, other timelines. These negative energies can be a potential contributor and trigger to illness, symptoms, and emotional and mental/emotional/spiritual imbalances. These blockages of energy can also impair deep connection to the Higher Self during meditation, dream-time, and spiritual development. It is an important piece to address in any healing journey, and essential for those on an ascension timeline.

How is this session different to Golden Alchemy Healing?

These sessions offer much deeper potential healing at a soul level. Because I go into the deepest of theta states with a much more expansive state of awareness, I am able to see, sense, feel energetic blockages at a profound level and assist them to alchemize through a heightened state of consciousness. It goes beyond what modalities like Emotion Code or Body Code offer because those modalities work on a limited framework of energetic imbalances, where in fact the possibilities are infinite for how energy blockages present themselves. I also receive much more profound psychic information in these sessions to assist you on your greater soul journey. If you are drawn to these sessions, then I recommend having a regular inner work practice to amplify the work we do in these sessions.

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Who is this for

  • You desire accelerated healing of illness and associated symptoms.
  • You want to activate into your psychic and intuitive abilities, and develop a stronger connection with your Higher Self and guidance team.
  • You are dedicated to your journey and want to be cleared of infringements like entities, technologies, and beyond, that keep you locked into things like illness, traumas, and the inverted matrix.
  • You want to move into your higher soul mission in this incarnation.
  • If you feel you are not ready quite ready for an Angelic Hypnosis Healing Session, but still want a deeper energetic cleanse.

Session Preparation and Logistics

  • Click on this link for details on how to prepare for your session. Please read the page in detail before you book!

  • Sessions are 1.5 - 2 hours in length, with a short interview at the start. Most people feel deeply rested after their sessions. You may also be tired.

  • Please have a space to lay down in for the session.

  • Please be hydrated and have water with you for your session after-care.

  • Be in a quiet space that will easily allow you to receive the healing.

  • Have something (or things) in mind you would like to heal. Setting a clear intention will help you align with the highest healing possible.

Integrating Your Session

  • Most people feel improvement either in or soon after the session, but we still want to support the initial integration process of the body (which can take a few hours or a few days). Continue to hydrate that day and the following days while you are integrating the healing.

  • You may experience some detox effects after the session. In addition to hydration, extra grounding will be beneficial (feet on earth, sunshine, or epsom salt baths).

  • Maintain a plant based diet for 2 weeks after your session.

  • These sessions will be amplified by a regular dedicated inner work practice. I highly recommend doing these sessions with me before or after an Angelic Soul Alignment Healing Session.

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My Personal Journey with Angelic Soul Alignment Healing

This modality birthed forth through me, drawing upon trainings I have had in Reiki and Akashic Healing, and largely guided by the inner journey I have had unraveling the energetic factors contributing to my expression of illness and my higher divine mission here on Earth at this time. The journey took me deep into the world of negative entities, the inorganic matrix, my traumas in this life, past lives, the angelic realms, and beyond. I have spent hundreds of hours in deep meditation, through a process I call somatic alchemy, learning how the energetic world works, how the subconscious mind organizes energy, how soul fracturing limits us, and much more to be able to work at the level I can in these healings. The depth of my own trauma and the healing that I have done in this lifetime is what allows me to go deep into these sessions, and assist my clients to clear blocks that would otherwise take years to try to work through. It is a true honor to be able to offer such beautiful healing sessions to my clients, with the aid, guidance, and infinite love of Source, Angels, and our Higher Selves.

**There are no refunds on any single sessions. You must come prepared for the session as per the preparation guidelines. Bookings available 48 hours in advance. Please email me directly if you need an earlier session. Rescheduling available 48 hours in advance. Bookings and re-scheduling done via the booking website.**

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