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Learn Energy Healing

+ How to Use Energy Healing to Increase your Intuition & Heal

What to Expect in Learn Energy Healing

This 2 session private workshop will empower you with the critical foundational tools to tap into your Higher Self, Angels, and Guides to heal yourself and build your Intuition. It will also give you the tools to help you clarify and deepen into your physical healing journey with the Medical Medium information.


You don't need to have all your psychic senses open or see or hear clearly (clairs) to be able to work with Energy. You just need a curiosity and a willingness to learn! Anyone can learn!


In this series we will learn to use the Pendulum as a tool to help you tap into your already present Intuitive Abilities, and use it to amplify the information that is already flowing through you from the High Beings you are working with. In the process, one's innate Intuitive Abilities strengthen, like a muscle being strengthened over time.


The training will give you clear guidelines and practice on how to heal with energy, including

  • how to ground and tune into your guides and angels; 

  • how to work with your energy field and protect it; and

  • how to identify and clear distorting energies contributing to symptoms, beliefs, and behaviors.


I will also provide you with tools and resources that will help you in your own unique journey with Medical Medium information, and will help you deepen your understanding of the Medical Medium healing information. These include:

  • what foods to focus on for specific symptoms or on a daily basis;

  • how to identify which liver level you are at; and

  • which cleanses to bring in to amplify your healing.

These are tools I learned and developed in my healing journey to not only heal myself and build my Intuition, but also to assist my clients. I have been teaching my clients to work with Energy ever since, and it has changed their lives. I want to empower others to be able to do the same!


Are you ready to dive in and join me for this magical journey?

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Benefits you will Receive

  • Learn how to accelerate your healing, reduce your symptoms, and feel better!

  • Clearer communication with your body and your Higher Self.

  • Increase your intuition!

  • Learn to connect with Angels and Guides for healing.

  • Deepen your intuitive understanding of how to work with Medical Medium information.

  • Connect with your Higher Self to identify the most important foods + cleanses for your health.

  • Gain confidence in your healing process and develop a sense of empowerment by helping yourself!

Who is this course for

  • You want to learn Energy Healing! (No previous psychic or intuitive skills required)

  • You have a desire to grow your Intuition!

  • You want to take your healing to the next level!

  • You want to deepen your knowledge of Medical Medium information for your unique healing process!

The Session Series Includes

  • Two 60 minute Interactive Sessions via Zoom Video

  • Instruction, Practice, and Q&A

  • Email support between sessions.

  • Pendulum Recommendation (for purchase before start of Training)

  • Learn to use a Pendulum to connect to your intuition, receive divine guidance, and heal yourself.

  • Practice grounding in and tuning in to to Higher Self, Angels and Guides

  • Learn about your energy field & how to protect it

  • How to communicate clearly with your healing team.

  • Clear Energies contributing to symptoms, beliefs, or behaviors you want to shift.

  • Tools and charts for identifying specific foods and cleanses that will benefit you.

What You Will Need

  • Pendulum with a pointed end and long enough where it can reach close to table with elbows on table. I recommend starting with this one.

  • Printed pendulum sheets that I email to you.

  • A desk to work on.

  • Quiet and clear space with candle lit.

  • The sessions are done via Zoom Video. Your camera will need to be on for the sessions and I will need to be able to see you and the table in front of you. You will also need to be able to see me on your device.

  • Dedicated practice between sessions. I recommend 10-30 minutes a day.

Enrollment Pricing


Sessions must be used within 3 weeks of each other.

**Bundle with a private Energy Healing Session for an additional $150
Email to claim this bonus offer.**

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Client Testimonials


Hi I am Zarnaz! I help women break free from chronic illness and accelerate your healing through nutritional guidance, energy healing, and inner work.

One of the core tools that made a difference with my healing from chronic illness was learning to do Energy Healing on myself. It was like a huge weight came off of me when I consistently used Energy Healing to accelerate my healing, heal symptoms, and feel better. It changed my life and I want my clients to learn how to do the same for themselves. My clients who have learned energy healing and consistently used it, have been able to take their healing to the next level. I recommend doing a series of energy healing sessions with me before you book this workshop with me as it will help you become familiar with some of the techniques I use and it will help ground the learning experience.

I look forward to opening you up to a whole new world of healing potential!

**There are no refunds on any trainings, sessions, or workshops. You are responsible for completing payment regardless of whether you leave the course or do not complete the content in the allotted time.**

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