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6 Month Holistic Wellness Coaching Package

What to Expect in the 6 Month Coaching Package

This 6 month journey is a special container that integrates nutritional counseling, energy healing, and embodiment.


It is designed to:

  • accelerate your healing,

  • reduce the number of symptoms you experience,

  • increase your energy and sense of joy in your healing process, and

  • empower you to become confident in your healing journey.


Nutritional Counseling (+ Intuitive Energy Scan)

Our work together will begin with a deep dive Intuitive Energy Scan. This scan is based on the information and principles taught by the Anthony William, the Medical Medium. And it integrates my knowledge of how to harness his healing information for optimal healing results, helping you avoid the pitfalls that many people following his information get "caught" in and thereby significantly slow their healing timeline.


The Intuitive Energy Scan will:

  • Identify the root cause of your chronic or mystery illness symptoms, including key imbalances (pathogens, toxins, detox channels, and more)

  • What progress to date you have made if you have already been working on your physical healing.

  • What stage of healing you are in (for more information see my Free Stages of Healing Resource - coming soon!)

  • Key missing pieces holding you back from an accelerated healing timeline.

  • Where to focus your efforts to accelerate you towards your healing goals.


Based on this scan and your health assessment, we will create a solid nutritional foundation for your physical healing, integrating:

  • Optimal foods to deepen your detox at a pace that your body can handle.

  • Supportive high quality supplements tailored to your specific needs with a focus on how to use the minimum amount for the most accelerated healing results and timed for the specific stage of healing you are in.

  • Cleansing tools that will gently assist your body to tap into its own healing potential.

Through our nutritional counseling work, you will learn:

  • How to work with foods and supplements at the different stages of healing.

  • How to work with cleanses and supportive detoxification tools for your specific sensitivities.

  • How to work with food as medicine for the body and the soul.

  • How to navigate detox, healing, and flare symptoms.

  • How to move into the next stage of healing at an accelerated rate.


Energy Healing

We amplify and accelerate your healing by integrating Energy Healing along your journey. Energy Healing is a relaxing and powerful modality that helps you connect to your inner source of vibrancy and life force, making it available to shift physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks to health and well-being.  One of the key areas people struggle with as they heal is how to process the amount of stored energy being released in their body as they heal. This can feel like emotional detox, pain, or sluggishness, but it is far more complex than that because we are clearing "energetic files" from this lifetime, ancestral lineages, and more in the process of healing.


Bringing in Energy Healing consistently helps clear the "energetic files" the body is bringing to the surface to cleanse, thereby increasing the life force moving through your system. Benefits of Energy Healing include:

  • more energy,

  • decrease in symptoms,

  • accelerated healing,

  • and a feeling of lightness.

Learn more about Energy Healing here.

Inner Work

In the Nutritional Focused Work and Energy Healing Sessions I also prepare the groundwork for the deeper Inner Work that is at the core the Greater Soul Healing Journey. Central to this are embodiment techniques. Embodiment simply means to work through the Body to help identify, release, and integrate parts of ourselves that have been kept in the shadow, or unseen. Our shadow can include core traumas or wounds from this life, past lives, or our ancestral lineage. Although working with nutrition and energy healing does assist with this, some patterns and blockages needs to addressed through our body consciousness.


In sessions, I use Inner Child Healing and Somatic Alchemy as the main tool for this kind of work, but also integrate embodiment teachings and tools throughout our work together. My clients have shared that they have released emotional patterns, healed wounds, expanded their consciousness, increased their intuition, and learned the power of self healing. It also helps us work towards forgiveness of ourselves and others, and teaches us about self love.

Learn more about why Inner Work work here.

Our Journey Together

Throughout the process I will be there to support you, guide you, and ground your experience through my own journey of healing from debilitating chronic illness. I offer the unique ability to hold sacred space and help you process, deepen into, and expand through the challenges you may face as you heal. I will also support your Spiritual Awakening by assisting you in shifting your conscious awareness of yourself, your soul purpose, and how to work with your own intuitive guidance to create the joyful life you deserve to live.


Ultimately my goal is to help you find your Health Freedom, while empowering you to access your intuition and to learn to trust your own guidance system.

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Benefits you will Receive

  • Confidence in choosing foods, supplements, and cleanses at the different stages of healing.

  • Clarity on the multi-factor causes of chronic illness, including how mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical factors contribute to our experience of illness.

  • Increased energy, reduced inflammation, decrease in number of symptoms, and better sleep.

  • Living a life that feels easier, more aligned, and joyful.

  • Healing tools that activate your ability to self heal and deepen your intuition.

  • A supportive and compassionate coach that is good at listening and assisting you in moving forward in your healing journey.

Who is this package for

  • You desire more clarity on your healing path.

  • You want to accelerate your healing.

  • You want to feel more energized, more hopeful, and joyful in your healing process.

  • You are committed to healing your chronic health or illness symptoms through alternative and complimentary modalities, including Medical Medium information.

  • You are committed to your healing process and seek spiritual expansion and soul alignment in your healing journey.

  • You want consistent support throughout your process because you understand an investment with a coach will accelerate your healing.

  • You want to build your intuition, and learn how to Self Heal.

The Package Includes

  • 12 one hour private Zoom Audio Calls (every 2 weeks)

  • Accelerated healing plan to get you optimal healing results.

  • Intuitive nutrition plan, including which Medical Medium cleanses to focus on

  • 6 month supplement plan

  • Intuitive testing (x6) to assist you in all aspects of your healing.

    • These are done monthly to help identify us keep track of progress and also to identify any additional focus areas for healing. These also will provide a depth of understanding of the healing process

  • Worksheets with summaries of key healing tools.

    • These include all key areas of healing (ie hydration, liver, heavy metals, etc.), and also integrate greening your home, dental healing, orgonite gridding, and more!

  • Messaging and email support in between sessions (48 hour response time).

  • Energy Healing, including in session healing and guidance on how to use and integrate phototherapy patches to accelerate healing. This can also include teaching you Energy Healing.

  • Embodiment Practices, like Inner Child Healing or Fascia Release.

  • Manifestation and Co-Creation tools and techniques.

  • Discounts on any add on sessions.

Package Format

12 Live Zoom Calls

All Sessions booked via scheduling links I provide after enrollment. I will always try to accomodate your schedule and open up additional availability to meet your needs.


BOOK a Discovery Call to learn more and see if this is the right fit for you.


Zarnaz is an Intuitive Wellness Coach and Energy Healer. Her practice focuses on assisting people to heal from chronic illness and expand into their greatest potential, and ultimately find Health Freedom. Zarnaz's virtual practice allows her to work with clients all over the world. She integrates the knowledge gained from her studies and professional experience working in international public health, where she first hand became intimate with the tensions and misalignment between the western medical model and people's lived experience of health and illness. She has further grounded her practice in her own healing journey healing from Lyme Disease and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which took her through a deep exploration of the soul journey and ultimately showed her how pain can catalyze us into our greatest potential. In her practice, she integrates the healing information from The Medical Medium within a broader understanding of holistic healing, drawing upon many different modalities and her own innate wisdom.

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**There are no refunds on any Coaching Package. You are responsible for completing payment plans regardless of whether you leave the Coaching Package or do not complete the sessions in the allotted time.**

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