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About Shadow-Work
Shadow-work is an important piece to finding inner freedom and self love, expansion in consciousness, development of intuition, manifestation of desires, and an acceleration of healing, including healing of symptoms. For people healing Chronic Illness, symptoms can be rooted in subconscious emotional and mental patterns or soul injuries, as these can create energetic blockages within us and slow our ability to heal. Because these have not been seen by our conscious mind, then these energies remain as a shadow consciousness within us (in our subconscious) until they are brought into the light and integrated/healed. Hence the word shadow-work. These shadow blockages can also limit our ability to consciously create a life that feels aligned for us. These blockages can be rooted in this lifetime, ancestral lineages, and past lives.

Stepping into their Shadow-Work journey is one of the areas I find my clients have the most fear around, yet it is one of the most critical aspects to accelerating our healing, especially after we have established a good nutritional foundation to nourish and heal ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is also incredibly easy to learn this modality of healing, because it is already part of our intuitive knowing. Most importantly, it is empowering to realize we can heal these parts of ourselves, thereby deepening our self love, self compassion, and self trust. Shadow-work also strengthens psychic attunements (clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, etc) as we travel through the imagination to heal these shadow aspects of ourselves.
In these session I draw from the following approaches: Inner Child Healing, Parts Work, Somatic Alchemy, and Trance Meditation. These are all forms of self healing, and will empower you to learn how to heal yourself at the deepest of levels. As your guide in these sessions, I am intuitively directed to which of my tools to draw from and how to use them to help you deepen into the work.

Inner Child Healing
Inner Child Healing is a beautiful and safe way to gently work through the layers of our inner child's unmet needs, at a pace we are comfortable journeying. Everyone has an inner child (or children) inside of them that reflects their past like a book. Some chapters may be happy and wonderful, whereas other chapters can be painful or sad. These latter chapters are the inner child parts of ourselves that were never loved the way we needed them to be. In response we developed certain patterns to help us cope with these wounds. These unhealed parts can cause us to re-experience the initial pain over and over in our adult years, and stay in repetitive patterns in our inner-world and outer relationships. These patterns become our go to way to deal with the challenges life brings, thereby suppressing even more emotional energies in our bodies and reinforcing the patterning. Just because something happened in the past a certain way, does not mean it can never be changed. We always have the ability to go back in time and heal those wounded parts, and change how we experience life in the present moment.

The sessions are an introspective process whereby we journey through the challenges we encounter in our present life to uncover the unmet needs from our childhood. Through love, compassion, and an open dialogue with our inner child, we can hear and meet our unmet needs, thereby healing the initial wound and changing how we connect to ourselves in the present moment. The result is an acceleration our healing and more emotional freedom in our lives.

Parts Work
Parts work assists us to heal the sometimes different and split parts of us that can be at odds with each other. When we experience a soul injury and create soul fracture(s), we can have many different parts that fracture out, sometimes with opposing opinions or emotions. This can create a lot of confusion and turmoil within our sense of self. For example, you may have parts of you that are dedicated to doing Medical Medium protocols to heal, and yet you may also have parts of you that oppose or are in resistance to doing Medical Medium protocols. You may experience this as food cravings or self-sabotaging behaviors around eating. It may also experience ongoing resistant to or emotional turmoil around the healing path you are on. In Parts Work, we would give space to each of those parts that are in resistance so that they can be heard and integrated. We also give space to the parts that want to do Medical Medium protocols, so that they can be heard and integrated as well. Through this integration process, we come to feel more coherent and embodied around our choices and decisions, and make more aligned choices and actions in our life.

Somatic Alchemy
Somatic Alchemy is an accelerated form of inner healing I created through hundreds of hours of my own inner alchemy work. This can be used to release actual physical pain in the body, release emotional blockages, release toxic thoughts, and beyond. Simply put, this approach is about identifying and feeling mental or emotional blockages and alchemizing them. Depending on a person's somatic awareness, it may take time to move into this level of work, whereas others are able to learn this in our first session together. Oftentimes we can use the Somatic Alchemy work as pathways to access and heal our inner children, past lives, ancestral lineages, and beyond. I often blend/integrate the Somatic Alchemy with Inner Child Healing and Parts Work to help catalyze healing to the next level.

Trance Meditation
I help deepen Inner Work by teaching my clients to easily go into Trance Meditation states. Doing trance meditation regularly will help attune you to Theta Brain Wave Healing states and deeper access to your Third Eye (psychic abilities), as well as prepare you for any deeper spiritual work, like the Hypnosis and Healing Sessions I offer. It is also a great tool to use to keep yourself in a deep meditation while you work through challenging aspects of Inner Work.

How Often Should I do Sessions?
Some clients may need sessions every once in awhile, while others will require a long term dedicated practice to address the shadow elements. This type of work is particularly important for anyone that has negative entity issues.

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Benefits you will Receive

  • Deep nourishment of your soul and a greater sense of control of your life.

  • A greater connection to your inner child.

  • More freedom to feel your emotions.

  • An expansion in your consciousness and self-awareness.

  • Stronger intuition and increased psychic senses.

Who is this for

  • You are ready to go deeper in your Healing Journey and begin reclaiming parts of yourself stuck in the past.

  • You want to feel Free!

  • You want to release symptoms at an accelerated rate.

  • You want to learn to use Inner Work to resolve patterns affecting you in your present life, including emotional eating patterns, toxic relationship patterns, negative belief patters, and more.

  • You want to learn how to alchemize energy in your body.

How to Prepare for Your Session

  • Please be hydrated before our session.

  • Please make sure you have had a snack before session, to ensure your blood sugar is balanced.

  • Be in a quiet space where you feel safe.

  • Please have a candle lit for the session.

  • If I have taught you shielding, please ensure you have your shields activated the morning of session.

  • Have something (or things) in mind you would like to heal.

Integrating Your Session

  • Most people feel improvement either in or soon after the session, but we still want to support the integration process of the body. Continue to hydrate that day and include grounding practices (being barefoot in nature, epsom salt baths, sunshine, etc.)

  • You may need rest after the session.

  • Additional healing sessions are useful as new layers are always coming up to be healed.

Book your Session Here

*Must be used within 3 calendar months of first scheduled appointment.

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Zarnaz is an Intuitive Wellness Coach & Quantum Healer. Her practice focuses on assisting people to heal from chronic illness, and inspired by her own journey of healing from a debilitating chronic illness. She integrates nutritional guidance, energy healing, and inner work as pathways to healing.

Inner Work was key piece to accelerating her healing when she came up against challenging blocks to releasing symptoms that neither physical detox or energy healing could resolve. She went deep into Inner Child Healing for a year, until she was intuitively directed to invest her time in somatic approaches to healing. In her daily meditation practice, she found she could work with her body consciousness to witness, feel, and release energetic blocks at an accelerated rate. She further deepened into this work by integrating the Inner Child Work with the Somatic Alchemy work, that catalyzed her healing results even more. She loves teaching this work to her clients and witnessing the incredible healing results they receive from it.


Navigating Emotional Detox While Healing with the Medical Medium Information

Navigating Emotional Detox While Healing with the Medical Medium Information

Navigating Emotional Detox While Healing with the Medical Medium Information. _ I recently shared on an Instagram Reel what Medical Medium recently shared about emotional detox and healing with Medical Medium protocols. Basically, once you start detoxing you are no longer suppressing your emotions. That is, we are no longer using adrenaline producing foods to bury our emotions in our body. _ Now that we know that's true, then we can move into the awareness that this is happening for us as we heal. And we have the opportunity to learn to work with our emotions, because it's not just about feeling them, but also consciously working with them to help us feel and release them. Because most of us don't know how to do this and because everyone on this planet has some level of trauma, it's important to learn how to do this. It wasn't something that came natural to me. I had to dedicate time and energy to do this, and I teach my clients to do the same, because the sooner you can start feeling your emotions, the faster you can learn to release them and also release the energy blockages they create. Energy blockages can contribute to illness and symptoms. Doing this work from the start of your journey ultimately means faster healing at all levels. _ If you are having trouble navigating this aspect of healing, reach out and learn about the tools I offer to assist with emotional detox. _ #medicalmedium #medicalmediumprotocols #detox #detoxlifestyle #autoimmunedisease #chronicillness #emotionaldetox #innerchildhealing #somaticalchemy

**There are no refunds on any single sessions or packages. You are responsible for completing packages in the allotted time.**

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