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Meet Zarnaz

My work is guided by my own healing journey from lifelong chronic illness that culminated into debilitating illness, diagnosed as Lyme Disease & Hashimoto's Thyroditis. I have dedicated my life to helping others traveling the same journey, to show them which doors to open to help accelerate their healing to the next level.


Becoming Sick

In Sept 2017  just as I turned 40 my health collapsed overnight. I went from hiking Mt Shasta the week before, to not being able to get out of bed. I felt like a truck had hit me and shattered me into a million pieces. Every part of me hurt. I could barely stand or walk across the hallway. I could feel toxic sludge filling every part of my body, turning my tongue black, my breathe rancid, and my skin a strange greenish hue.


A great darkness descended upon me and engulfed me with pain, fear, anxiety, terror, and a desperation for answers.


How could this happen to me? How could a person who was already a health coach, who had dedicated her life to eating well and exercising, and who had spent 20 years trying to "avoid" illness get so sick? And how could I get so sick just months after having my spiritual awakening, and committing my path in service to God?


It felt improbable, unbelievable and yet it was happening to me. The divide between reality and my ability to accept it felt deeper than the Grand Canyon.

In sheer desperation, I did what I never ever wanted to have to do. I went to doctors. Tests, and more tests. Drugs and more drugs. First it was a dangerous course of antibiotics, and then they said, "there is nothing wrong with you, go take xanax and you will be OK. It is all in your head." I wasn't making up my illness.

I could feel I was near death in my body, and yet no doctors believed me.

I felt betrayed by my own body. I desperately needed something or someone that I could trust.


Finding the Medical Medium

My call for help from a Higher Power echoed through every cell of my being. And then 6 weeks into the journey I looked up at my book shelf above my bed. The book was already there. It had been telling me to open it for the last few months, telling me to do the cleanses, to purge the heavy metals and toxins out. But I had been too caught up in my life to really listen, and surely "I was on my spiritual path and had made all the right decisions, so I could never get sick." I finally opened it, remembering that strange call I had felt just a few months earlier to buy this book. It was called Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal.


For the next few hours the words in the book activated me into remembering a greater Truth, giving me the answers I was seeking and re-igniting hope within me and my body. My entire life trajectory, all my illnesses, chronic symptoms, my struggles that seemed improbable, my illness now, all came together in a real story, with real reasons. Those words also gave me a way forward.


I knew my real spiritual awakening was just beginning and this information was going to be a foundational piece to the work I did serving others. I jumped in 100% and committed myself to the deep detoxification my body needed. The Second Chapter of my life thus began, and in the process I began to unravel the mysteries and questions that plagued me in My First Chapter.

My First Chapter

Since a young age, I dealt with symptoms that doctors told me would never heal. Symptoms like: brain fog, stomach aches, weight issues, constipation, eczema, mystery rashes, yeast infections, eye floaters, tinnitus, and cavities. I struggled with ongoing feelings of depression and sadness, of feeling I never fit in, of feeling the world was cruel to those who suffered. I often felt like an outsider looking in. I sometimes tossed it up to being an immigrant to America, but my Iranian-American peers didn't suffer in the same way I did. Perhaps it was the fractures in my family, yet no one else in my family seemed to be wanting freedom from it the way I did. Or maybe I was just simply too sensitive or I was just broken on the inside?


I feared I would never escape the pains and traumas of my family, that I would always live under the shadow of things that had been unresolved for generations. I was scared that I was doomed to live in a body that never functioned well, that was hyper sensitive, and "out of the norm" in all ways mind, body, and spirit. I struggled to walk through life EVEN when I was doing the things that I loved. The world didn't seem as those around seemed to try to make me believe it was. I felt lost.


When I was 19, my older sister fell ill overnight and was diagnosed with leukemia. It felt like the icing on the cake for our family. War, addictions, abuse, betrayal, loss, and now this. I knew in my gut her illness was linked to these unresolved generational traumas, but the toxicity of our environment was not lost upon me.


We spent the next 1.5 years in and out of hospitals, going to the best cancer doctors and hospitals for the most "advanced" treatments available. I rarely left her side, and was committed to being with her and protecting her as much as I could. It was eye opening. I assumed doctors knew everything and could fix anything. Get cancer, get treatment, and boom your back to life. But that didn't happen. Their treatments didn't work. They would look away when I asked hard questions about toxicity and the role it played in illness. And I was often frustrated at their inability to treat my sister as a human being with emotional and spiritual needs.


In the end my sister didn't survive the illness. The experience changed my life, and has been a part of every life decision I made thereafter. It taught me to lead by my soul and my gut, and not my mind or my fears or what others thought was right. It ignited the deep calling within me to be in service to  those suffering on this planet. It catapulted me into the magical world of spirituality with real sensory experiences that made me know the Unseen world is Real, that my sister wasn't actually dead. And it inspired a life-long journey to understand the limitations of the western medical model and what true healing is about, through both my personal life and professional work. It took me decades to fully integrate and understand the meaning behind this experience, and what it meant for my soul mission here on earth.

Zarnaz in Tabant.JPG
Peace Corps 2008-2010

Driven by a desire to experience health, avoid sickness, and be free from the shackles of my own complex childhood traumas, I tried alternative diets, meditation, yoga, bodywork, energy healers, exercise, and even pharmaceuticals when everything else I tried failed. I studied medical anthropology, and then worked in international public health. I even served as a Peace Corps Health Volunteer in a remote tribal village in Morocco.

Despite all that, I was left with more questions than answers. The illusion of the world I was raised to live in was crumbling faster and faster. Even more disappointing, with each decade of my life my symptoms only got worse. I even picked up new ones like trigeminal neuralgia, seasonal allergies, debilitating back issues, acne, fatigue, skeletal misalignment, a breast tumor, painful menses, depression, anxiety, and more!


I once again embarked on a journey for answers, leaving my job, my career, in search of answers across America and even into Mexico. I wasn't finding any.

At age 39, near giving up on life and inspired by a book, I fell down to my knees, committed my life to the soul work I knew I was here to do, and had a Spiritual Awakening. I will never forget that moment in life. Everything changed. I activated into a new trajectory. I felt a presence I had never thought I would ever find. I thought this was it, I found what I was looking for.


Shortly thereafter I found my first spiritual teacher and began doing Kundalini Yoga 2-3 hours a day. I felt ecstatic. At that time, I was literally trying to ascend my way out of my pain body, because I didn't know how to live in it anymore and I thought that was what spirituality was about. Nothing I tried brought me the healing I hoped for. In fact, I got sicker, more anxious, and utterly depressed. Yet, I continued to push through the suffering because I believed in something greater than what I was experiencing. That's right when my life fell apart, and commenced the 2nd Chapter of my Life.


My Second Chapter:

Healing with the Medical Medium Information

I dove in and began doing all things Medical Medium overnight. I ordered A LOT of supplements and began doing the heavy metal detox cleanse, eating a ton of salads, and working on my hydration. I began feeling benefits right away. The first being 20+ years of vaginal yeast infections disappeared overnight! I felt called to begin sharing about my journey (via Instagram). I felt like part of an amazing community, at the forefront of holistic healing. I felt like I had everything I needed.

But quickly I began to feel there was something wrong. The first well known Medical Medium trained practitioner I worked with put me on 30 supplements, said my liver was in great shape (despite my feelings otherwise), and told me I would be healed in 6 months. Five months later I was feeling really bad. I put out another desperate plea for help and in arrived another practitioner. Through her I learned to work with the Medical Medium information differently. My healing actually began to move forward, and I learned about all the classic pitfalls that people fall into during healing. One of my most notable shifts during that time was healing a tumor in my left breast a year into my healing journey. I also learned how sensitive I really am, and that the level of my illness was quite unusual, and the struggles I was facing were far more complex than most people. It was a hard pill to swallow.


I eventually did a 1+ year long mentorship with with that practitioner, where I dove deep into Medical Medium information, learned how to do Intuitive Energy Scans, and began taking on clients on. I have watched these same insights and wisdom help turn people's healing process around, even with my clients who had already been doing Medical Medium protocols for months or years before coming to work with me.

Energy Healing

Despite all that amazing work, I was still hitting roadblocks that didn't make sense to me. Why when my physical body appeared relatively clear in my intuitive scans was I still having so many symptoms? And why were strange destructive things happening in my life no matter how hard I worked? Many of the intuitives I went to for assistance were even confused, sometimes telling me I was the problem or that I just needed to be more patient. They simply didn't understand and didn't realize their limitations and distortions were actually hurting me. Not everyone has a simple path, and I knew something greater was being asked of me. I walked away from that group of healers, and began exploring in a different way. I was again in unchartered territory. New healers came into my life to activate me into a greater Truth about how this universe really works and what was being asked of me.

I began integrating other tools into my healing journey. Often it meant taking a tool and developing my own expertise with it, and pushing the limits of what I thought was possible. And sometimes it meant dropping tools that didn't help me heal.


I taught myself to do Energy Healing and began integrating it into my practice with clients because I saw what a difference it could make to a healing journey. My team in Spirit was teaching me how to accelerate people's healing. I began to realize how much more complex illness is, and that it requires an understanding of subtle energies that go beyond just the physical. I was hungry for more the deeper I went.


Throughout the process, I never stopped asking questions, and I never stopped believing in my own healing. Eventually I became confident enough to move into deep inner healing work, and even face the ancestral and past life entities that had been traumatizing me my entire life. That part of the journey was a grueling dark night of the soul, that continues to deepen and evolve. It has asked me to face some of my deepest fears, and as a result I continue to become an even more powerful Healer.


Inner Work & Somatic Healing

That work catalyzed massive shifts in my life, and emboldened me to continue pushing into new areas of personal healing. I dove deep into my Inner Work through my body (via Somatic Healing) to heal my inner children and release the density that I still felt was affecting me in my day-to-day life, particularly my inner world. This opened me up to a whole new way of healing, to a whole new way of understanding illness. In the process I taught myself to move blocked energy and pain in my body through somatic alchemy, something I teach my clients when they are ready to engage with their healing on a more profound level. The deeper I have journeyed into this somatic work, the more psychic I have become and the braver I have become to go deeper into the depths of my pain, to help integrate and transmute it. It has been the most pivotal part of my journey, that I am still creating as I write these words. It is where I hope all my clients arrive after laying the foundations of their healing, because this is where true Co-Creation and Manifestation is realized.

Spiritual Growth and Ascension

I knew from the moment I became sick that the journey was going to be radically transformative on a spiritual level. I had watched my sister go through it and was deeply touched by it, and I knew it was my turn now, except it was about living through it this time. The transformation took time and practice. I resisted it at first. I wanted my old life back, and I did not want to accept that this was my life now. But I had nowhere to go, but within. The journey of sitting with myself day in and day out in all the discomfort became a huge teacher for me. It taught me about pain, suffering, patience, and faith. It taught me to ask the universe for what I need, even if I didn't know what that exactly was. Every time I felt stuck, a new gift came through to show me the way forward. Some lessons were immediate and others were slow going.


I now look back and see every step of my process was helping me understand the importance of healing the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies, and the roles they play in our illness and in reclaiming back our health. My embodied experience of illness was literally giving me the map to the freedom I so desperately desired. To my excitement, it expanded beyond that, to include my ancestors, other lifetimes, High Beings, Energy Medicine, and an intimate study of the Ascension process. The journey ultimately opened me up to my greater self and to my greater potential as a Physical and Spiritual Being. It has taught me to live in a way that welcomes my shadow in, because I know that through the alchemical transformation of my pain is where I have experienced the most growth and magic in my life. And that is what I strive to teach my clients in our work together, however it manifests for them in their embodied experience of illness and healing.


Fulfilling My Dreams

It has always been my dream to be a Healer and a Teacher, which also means I am a perpetual Student in the process. I am constantly striving for growth. I teach through my lived experience. I don't have all the answers. I don't have all the knowledge. But I always have a deep willingness to show up, hold space, learn, and journey through the ups and downs, be it mine or someone else's, because that is where true Freedom is for all of us.

Thank you for honoring my journey through the reading of these words.

In Love and Light,


Professional Experience:

  • Intuitive Wellness Coach, hundreds of clients sessions doing Intuitive Scans and Support with Healing with Medical Medium Information. 2019-present.

  • Quantum Healer, hundreds of client sessions, including Emotion Code, Body Code, Entity Removal, Inner Work, Angelic Soul Alignment Healing, and Angelic Hypnosis. 2021-present.


  • Akashic Retrieval & Integration Alignment. 2023

  • Quantum Alchemy Energy Healing. 2022

  • AURA Hypnosis & Healing. 2022

  • RAAH Reiki Angelic Harmony Healing. 2022

  • Emotion Code Certification, with Bradly Nelson. 2021

  • Health Intuitive, Studied under Medical Medium trained practitioner. 2019-2020

  • Health & Wellness Coaching Certification, Maryland University of Integrative Health. 2016

  • Hatha and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainings. 2017

  • Medical Anthropology, Masters, University of Melbourne. 2008

  • Public Health Behavior Change Expert, USAID. 2008-2016

  • U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer, Morocco. 2008-2010

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