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Energy Healing

One of the key areas people struggle with as they heal is how to process the amount of stored energy coming to the surface in their energy body as they heal. This can feel like emotional detox, pain, or sluggishness, but it is far more complex than that because we are bring to the surface "energetic files" to clear from this lifetime, ancestral lineages, past lifetimes, and more in the process of healing. These energetic files exist within our subtle bodies (those less dense than our physical bodies). Although detoxification can assist in clearing the more dense layers of physical, mental, and emotional blockages, oftentimes additional tools like energy healing can help support that process and address layers of your healing that detoxification alone cannot.


Bringing in Energy Healing consistently helps clear the "energetic files" the body is bringing to the surface to cleanse, thereby increasing the life force moving through your system. It can result in more energy, decrease in symptoms, accelerated healing, and a feeling of lightness. Clients often express that it feels like a weight has been lifted off of them and a feeling of lightness, which means there is now less density in their subtle bodies and their life force energy is flowing better. As you heal, you will constantly be bringing more files to the surface to clear, which is why you can feel more density after feeling light for some time.

How to decide which type of session or tool to choose?

  • If you have never experienced any form of energetic healing before, I recommend choosing the Golden Alchemy Healing session as a place to start. It is incredibly gentle and powerful, and all you have to do is be willing to receive the healing. Theses sessions are great if you want to target specific symptoms and emotional/mental blocks.

  • If you are ready for deeper healing and an expansion in your consciousness, then an Angelic Soul Alignment Healing session will help catalyze your healing to a new level. Clients can experience deep transformational change in these sessions and will receive powerful messages from their guidance team to assist them in aligning with their higher soul mission. I recommend these sessions for clients who have negative entity issues.

  • Learn Energy Healing can be introduced anytime in your healing journey. I recommend doing at lease a few Golden Alchemy Healing or Inner Work sessions with me before doing this training as I introduce you concepts like grounding, working with angels, and more in those sessions.

  • Phototherapy Patch technology can be introduced at any time in your healing journey. The earlier the better as it will significantly help accelerate your healing journey.

Energy Healing Services & Tools

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