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Intuitive Reading

This 2 Session Package includes an Intuitive Energy Scan that identifies root imbalances in your physical body, Nutritional Guidance using the Medical Medium body of information as a foundational tool, and a 6 month Supplement Plan. It is designed to help you to understand where you are in your physical healing journey and teach you how to accelerate your healing. The 2 sessions must be completed within 3 weeks from date of the first session.

These sessions are for you if you want:

  • an understanding of root imbalances of your physical symptoms,

  • to learn how to start applying Medical Medium protocols to cleanse your physical body with accelerated results and avoid all the common mistakes people make,

  • to learn how to fine tune what you are already doing with Medical Medium protocols for faster healing results,

  • clarification on why you feel "stuck" in your physical healing progress,

  • a deeper understanding of the healing process and what phase of healing you are in, and

  • which supplements to work with for accelerated healing (which means you save money long term).

The 2 Session Package

Our work together will begin with a deep dive Intuitive Energy Scan. This scan is based on the information and principles taught by the Anthony William, the Medical Medium. And it integrates my knowledge of how to harness his healing information for optimal healing results, helping you avoid the pitfalls that many people following his information get "caught" in and thereby significantly slow their healing timeline.


The Intuitive Energy Scan will:

  • Identify the root cause of your chronic or mystery illness symptoms, including key imbalances (pathogens, toxins, detox channels,  liver functioning, and more)

  • What progress to date you have made if you have already been working on your physical healing.

  • What stage of healing you are in.

  • Key missing pieces holding you back from an accelerated healing timeline.

  • Where to focus your efforts to accelerate you towards your healing goals.


Based on this scan and your health assessment, we will create a solid nutritional foundation for your physical healing, integrating:

  • Optimal foods to deepen your detox at a pace that your body can handle.

  • Supportive high quality supplements tailored to your specific needs with a focus on how to use the minimum amount for the most accelerated healing results and timed for the specific stage of healing you are in.

  • Cleansing tools that will gently assist your body to tap into its own healing potential.

Through our nutritional guidance work, you will learn:

  • How to work with foods and supplements at your stage of healing.

  • How to work with cleanses and supportive detoxification tools for your specific sensitivities.

  • How to work with food as medicine for the body and the soul.

  • How to move into the next stage of healing at an accelerated rate.


Benefits you will Receive

  • Clear understanding of the phases of healing and where you are at in the process and how to accelerate your healing.

  • Intuitive information of the root imbalances in your physical body.

  • How to work with Medical Medium protocols to begin your journey or fine tune your healing process.

  • Confidence in choosing foods, supplements, and cleanses at your stage of healing.

  • A supportive and compassionate coach that is good at listening and assisting you in moving forward in your healing journey.

Who is this package for

  • You desire more clarity on your healing path.

  • You want to accelerate your healing.

  • You want to feel more energized, more hopeful, and joyful in your healing process.

  • You are committed to healing your chronic health or illness symptoms through alternative and complimentary modalities, including Medical Medium information.

The Package Includes

  • 2 one hour private Zoom audio calls.

  • Accelerated healing plan to get you optimal healing results.

  • Intuitive nutrition plan, including which Medical Medium cleanses to focus on.

  • 6 month supplement plan.

  • Intuitive scan to assist you in all aspects of your physical healing journey.

  • Worksheets with summaries of key healing tools.

    • These include all key areas of healing (ie hydration, liver, heavy metals, etc.).

  • Messaging and email support in between sessions (48 hour response time).

Book your Session Here

*The sessions must be used within 3 weeks of the first appointment.*

*The Client must complete a comprehensive wellness intake form within 24 hours of book the package, otherwise the appointment may need to be rescheduled so that the Practitioner will have time to review the assessment before the session. You will receive this form with the booking confirmation.*

*I can accommodate your schedule if you don't find availability on mine. Please note that I am in PST timezone
and can offer sessions anytime outside of my sleeping hours. Please contact me via IG or FB for scheduling requests.*




Zarnaz is an Intuitive Wellness Coach & Quantum Healer. Her practice focuses on assisting people to heal from chronic illness. She integrates nutritional guidance, energy healing, and inner work as pathways to healing.

Her practice was created through her own journey with healing her own chronic illness, which started with the diagnosis of lyme disease and hashimoto's thyroiditis, and inspired by her studies in medical anthropology and work in international public health. In her explorations of healing, she learned about the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual factors that contribute to long term illness and developed knowledge and expertise in how to work in these areas through body study and daily practice. She further grounded her experiences with trainings with Medical Medium practitioners, Energy Healers, Spiritual Mentors, Shadow-work teachers, and Somatic experts.

She works with her Clients from a deeply Compassionate and Loving space and is passionate about assisting them to become their own Healing Experts.

**There are no refunds on any Coaching Package. You are responsible for completing payment plans regardless of whether you leave the Coaching Package or do not complete the sessions in the allotted time.**

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