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Intuitive Wellness Coaching

Intuitive wellness coaching, single sessions and packages, integrate the foundational elements of my approach to healing - nutritional guidance, energy healing, and inner work- tailored to your specific needs.


The Holistic Wellness Package allows us to dive deep, to really fine tune your process, accelerate your healing, and empower you to become your own healing expert. This is the gold star of all my offerings as it allows us to go deep into the various of aspects of your healing. These packages include monthly intuitive scans, to help us track your detox and healing progress.


Single Intuitive Wellness Coaching sessions will give you greater clarity on specific areas of healing, and are also great for returned clients who have already completed a package and need occasional support. These sessions can include detox support, spiritual guidance, energy healing, and inner-work, depending on your needs at that time. I am intuitively guided on where to go with these sessions based on what the Client shares with me.

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