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Intuitive Wellness Coaching

Intuitive wellness coaching, single sessions and packages, integrate the foundational elements of my approach to healing - nutritional guidance, energy healing, and inner work- tailored to your specific needs. The package allows us to dive deep, to really fine tune your process and empower you to become your own healing expert. These packages include monthly intuitive scans, to help us track your detox process.


Single Intuitive Wellness Coaching Sessions will give you greater clarity on specific areas of healing, and are also great for returned clients who have already completed a package and need occasional support.


Inner Work is for clients who are ready to dive deep into and heal their wounded inner parts, assisting them to find more emotional freedom in their life and more accelerated physical healing. It includes Inner Child Healing and Somatic Alchemy.

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Holistic Wellness Package

Join me in an in depth 6 month holistic sacred container that will catalyze your healing to the next level.


Intuitive Wellness Coaching

Individual appointments that are tailored to your specific needs, help you identify blocks to your healing and provide guidance on how to accelerate healing results.

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Inner Work

These sessions include Inner Child Healing and Somatic Alchemy. These are a powerful way to accelerate your healing, and learn how to to do Inner Work

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