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Intuitive Wellness Coaching

What to Expect in Sessions

These single 60 minute sessions offer Intuitive Wellness Coaching support for all aspects of healing. I draw from my extensive toolbox to help facilitate and guide you to deeper clarity and understanding of symptoms, blocks, or challenges you may face as you heal.

Sessions can include guidance and support with detoxification of the body, Inner Work, Energy Healing, Intuitive Scans on specific symptoms to identify root imbalances, guidance on additional healing tools to integrate, spiritual support, supportive foods, and more.  These are a great introduction to working with me or to bring in as an ongoing supportive tool throughout your healing journey.

It does not include an in-depth intuitive scan as these require pre-session preparation, including a longer wellness intake. If you have already completed at least a Holistic Wellness Coaching or an Intuitive Reading package with me (offerings I highly recommend), then I will conduct these scans for these sessions. Please let me know if you have specific things you would like me to scan for ahead of the sessions (ie supplements, specific areas of healing like deficiencies, organ function, etc.). 


Benefits you will Receive

  • A safe container to share, be heard, and be supported.

  • An understanding of the deeper root cause of symptom or block.

  • Tools or practices that will help you navigate issue at hand.

  • Guidance on detoxification of the body, including what phase of healing you are in and how to accelerate your healing.

  • A deeper opening to and understanding of the Spiritual journey you are on.

  • A deeper sense of wellness and empowerment in your journey.

Who these sessions are for

  • New clients  who need focused support on one or two areas of healing.

  • New clients who want to be introduced to the basics of detoxification.

  • New clients who would like support with their healing, but unsure how to approach working with the symptom or block they would like to heal.

  • Existing clients who have completed a 6 month package or want to do an add on to an existing package.

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Zarnaz is an Intuitive Wellness Coach & Quantum Healer. Her practice focuses on assisting people to heal from chronic illness. She integrates nutritional guidance, energy healing, and inner work as pathways to healing.

Her practice was created through her own journey with healing her own chronic illness, which started with the diagnosis of lyme disease and hashimoto's thyroiditis, and inspired by her studies in medical anthropology and work in international public health. In her explorations of healing, she learned about the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual factors that contribute to long term illness and developed knowledge and expertise in how to work in these areas
through body study and daily practice. She further grounded her experiences with trainings with Medical Medium practitioners, Energy Healers, Spiritual Mentors, Shadow-work teachers, and Somatic experts.

She works with her Clients from a deeply Compassionate and Loving space and is passionate about assisting them to become their own Healing Experts.


**There are no refunds on any sessions. You are responsible for completing payment regardless of whether you use the session. Rescheduling available up until 24 hours before scheduled appointment.**

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