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How to Prepare for Your
Hypnosis Healing Session

In preparation for your session, please read the items below thoroughly. Please EMAIL your 11 questions for the Hypnosis by day of your session.

1. Preparing Your Space, before and after your session (Session Logistics)


Day of Session:

  • This process can take about 4-5 hours.

  • Ensure that you have a comfortable place to lay at, and that you are alone for the best results, for you to be completely relaxed to go in, for deep answers of your soul!

  • The first hour is an interview, then a short break, then 40-50 minutes of energy healing and induction, 2-3 hours in an interactive hypnosis state, and 10-20 minutes of post hypnosis integration.

  • Do keep your dogs and cats around as they help energetically with your session, unless you feel they will disturb you.

  • It is recommended to take the day of session off from other commitments and if possible the day after to allow the process of self healing.

  • Ensure that you are within your home and not a hotel room. Energetically there is a vast amount of negative energies within hotel spaces because of how many people pass through. If your home is not possible, ensure that it is an Airbnb-type private home.

Things to bring to your session:

  • Computer or Phone with ZOOM application installed and VIDEO on

    • I recommend using a computer, but phone will work fine as long as able to keep it charged throughout the session.

    • The session will be video recorded and sent to you the same day. Ensure you download the Zoom application prior, test the camera and mic settings, and make sure your device is fully charged.

    • You will have received the Zoom details when you received your booking confirmation.

    • Click here for Zoom help page if you’re having trouble.

  • Headset:

    • If your session is online, ensure to have a headset with a mic; one like the Apple headphones or gaming headset. For a laptop I recommend Insignia Headset found at Best Buy for only $19.99 (at time of creating this) if you will be purchasing one. Having the proper technology with a mic will ensure that the volume will be adequate on the recording. Your phone will work just fine, and a wi-fi connection will ensure that Zoom will have a strong connection during the meeting.

  • Crystals:

    • Please have a root chakra (Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Red Jasper, Black Obsidian, Hematite, etc.) and crown chakra crystal (Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, Lepidolite, Howlite, etc.). You may bring additional crystals to your session, including for activating other chakras. Trust what you are intuitively guided to.

  • Candle:

    • Have a candle with you for your session. Make sure it is in a safe container for burning. If have pets nearby it is ok to not light. If you are sensitive to lit candles, it is OK to not use.

After Session Care:

  • Be aware of how you are feeling after your Hypnosis Healing session, and be mindful of the rest of your day.

  • Prepare yourself/day to not drive for 3 hours after your session (and as long as you feel it necessary). This is recommended while your body goes through its healing process.

  • You may experience physical symptoms including but not limited to - diarrhea, vomiting, tiredness/sleepy. If you have experience with physical detox, these symptoms can be similar. It is recommended to please take the day off.

  • Listen to your session within 48 hours. This will ensure deeper healing.


2. Set your intent, be clear about why you are seeking a session.

There are several reasons one might seek a session, and being able to convey this will be most helpful to your practitioner. Some common reasons people have sessions are as follows:

  • Health- To learn or understand the energetic root or cause of specific health challenges, and to endeavor to resolve them.

  • Relationships- To understand lifelong patterns with multiple people or dynamics of specific individual relationships, and to encourage more peace and harmony.

  • Life Path- Usually related to spirituality, work/employment, and to creating abundance.

  • Spiritual Origins and Goals- To discover your galactic history, or your star ancestry. What have you experienced, and how is your galactic history influencing your spiritual path? What fractals exist in your soul that is most beneficial in this current life?


3. Prepare a list of questions/concerns to ask during your session, no more than 11.

Start by writing down as many questions as you have, and then look to see how they relate to each other, and how you can condense them. Some of the answers can even come to you before your session! In many cases, your guides can start preparing you for the session ahead of time. Email questions once ready if online or if in person bring them in written form that day.


4. Practice connecting to your Higher Self

Practice connecting to your Higher Self with the intent to balance your ego mind: start by saying to yourself, both out loud and inside your mind, “I have clear and direct communication with my Higher Self”. Understanding that this expanded presence is within you - and not external to you - will allow the communication to flow more freely in your session. For most people I recommend having done some practice work accessing higher states of consciousness before these sessions. I recommend doing Inner Work Sessions with me to help you prepare and build you confidence with tapping into your natural intuitive abilities.


5. Practice surrender and allowance when speaking to the higher self.

  • Your ego mind might try to interfere when you are speaking to your higher self. When it tries to interfere, ask it with love and respect to step aside. Envision it as younger child you, give it a hug, and explain to it that you are trying to do this for your highest good. You have needed your ego your whole life as it has been your protection to keep you safe, however “ At this moment, I ask please step to the side, as I am trying to heal us for our highest good.”

  • Envision yourself as a leaf floating on a river. The large body of water is your higher self who is one with Source/Creator. The leaf allows for the river to be taken in whichever current/direction is needed by surrendering and allowance.


6. Hydration and Water (Living Water) will amplify your session.

Water equals consciousness, it is the conductor to higher frequencies! You can think of your body as a vehicle that requires fuel to operate. The water is your fuel to facilitate a strong connection to, and communication with, other realms. Start today!

  • Continue to drink plenty of water up until the start of your session.

  • Don’t worry about needing to use the restroom as the higher self if needed will guide to the restroom still maintaining you in your hypnosis.

  • With every glass of water, set the intent to release all that does not serve you for your highest good.

  • I recommend Medical Medium teachings about hydration and living water. To learn about Living Water, please follow this link.

  • Have water with you throughout your session.

  • Are you a coffee or tea drinker? Don’t have too many caffeine drinks before your session. Preferably none.


7. Diet and Drugs.

What we take into our body affects our consciousness. It is best to eat a plant based organic diet that is mostly home made.

  • Eat a snack or light meal prior to your session. If you are following Medical Medium lifestyle, eat a caloric dense meal prior to session and/or during the break (dates, smoothies, potatoes, etc.). Don’t start our session by being hungry. Have a snack with you for post session.

  • Do not be concerned about your adrenals, as your body is in a deep rest state throughout the session so you won't be adrenalized! If you are concerned about sensitive adrenals and want to ensure you protect them, you are welcome to sip on a smoothie during your hypnosis session. Your Higher Self will let me know if you need to drink your smoothie and I will guide you to this, similar to a bathroom break. You can take bathroom breaks in the hypnosis part of session, and even hydrate during the session (use lots of honey in your Living Water).

  • If conducting in person, bring water and a snack which you will need after your session is complete. You will also have a break after the interview. I suggest eating something then as well.

  • If you use recreational drugs, please do not use them 1 week prior. Otherwise, we can have a hard time in connecting you to the higher self who is all knowing, in receiving the healing and answers you desire.

  • If you use pharmaceutical drugs, please contact me before booking and advise me of what you are using. Some pharmaceutical drugs can impair the connection with the Higher Self, and in those cases I will advise you to either use a surrogate or to do a Angelic Reiki Session instead.

  • Foods that may amplify your experience (from Medical Medium information) include wild blueberries, dates, nettle tea, and honey. See Life Changing Foods by Medical Medium for reference. Please consult your medical doctor before adding any suggested foods to your diet.

  • Supplements that amplify your experience (from Medical Medium information): B12. See Medical Medium information for appropriate recommendations for this. Please consult your medical doctor before adding any suggested supplements to your diet.


8. Dress very comfortably in white or light, loose fitting clothing and minimal jewelry. I would refrain on wearing make up as tears are very common, they are “release healing mechanisms” and are most welcome.


9. Leave expectations at the door.

  • Every session is as unique as the individual who has one. Your session will unfold in your own consciousness in your own way, and will more beautifully do so if you don’t expect certain things to happen or not happen.

  • You will likely be aware of your experience as it is happening and may remember much (if not all) of it when it is over. With vibrations on Earth raising higher daily, and our becoming more at one with our higher selves, you may feel like you are fully conscious - or you may not. Know and trust that regardless, you are in a deep trance. The Theta brainwave of hypnosis will be very familiar to you, as the human brain/consciousness naturally goes in and out of these relaxed hypnosis brainwaves all day long. As when you are driving, watching TV, showering, reading, painting…

10. Self-healing:

  • When you have a session, your Higher Self initiates the self-healing process that we all possess by connecting you to your auric field and energy body, correcting deficiencies it identifies. If you do not believe it is working, this slows the process down. You must also do your part as this is a ‘Self Healing’ process. Ensure to put forth the effort to self-heal by meditation and connecting yourself to this infinite power within you.

  • Truly all answers are within, as your Higher Self holds them within you. Or more accurately you - your conscious mind - exists within that Higher Aspect. So your Higher Self is not at all separate from you. This is a wonderful and empowering idea, but one that is difficult to grasp at times, especially since most of us have been programmed from birth to look for guidance and answers from others.                                                 

11. Practice quieting your mind as best as you can with meditation or perhaps even some quiet time out in nature. You mustn’t be looking at your phone or focusing on work or other obligations. Practice daydreaming, existing with the Frequency of Wonder: In your imagination state “I wonder if I look left what will I see? I wonder if I look right what will I know?” Exist within wonder as you go in your mind's eye, meditation or visualization practice.

  • Some people will see still images or even movie-like images.

  • Some people hear information - it may seem to be in your own voice or someone else’s.

  • Some people experience a strong sense of knowing.

  • Some people feel information emotionally or in their physical body.


Information can come in any of these ways! You will be ahead of the game if you practice this before your appointment. Your Higher Self uses your imagination as a language to speak to you. Absorbing that idea and doing a bit of preparation to stimulate your imagination is a good way to prepare. We do this type of practice work in the Inner Work Sessions, which is why I highly recommend those.


12. Shielding with Love Light

It is very important to start intently surrounding yourself with your infinite love light source now as you wake and before bed. This is done by simply placing a Merkaba around your field.

The MerKaBa was used to create this Universe. It is a rotating, geometric, crystalline Light-Energy field that extends around the body. It is organic to our universe and your body. It is something we can activate to assist us in our ascension process, both helping to bring in Source energy and to expel out negative energy, and to protect us.

A MerKaBa  consists of 2 four-pointed pyramids, one pointing up and one pointing down.  The top pyramid rotates clockwise, drawing in Source energy. The bottom pyramid rotates counter-clockwise, expelling out dark energy.

MerKaBa Meditation & Shielding

  • Sit with your eyes closed, do a simple grounding meditation, while sitting in prayer position with your hands, against your chest.

  • Activate your heart. You can do this by remembering someone you love or a beautiful memory or imagining something beautiful.

  • Then start rubbing your hands together, imagining the love moving from your heart down your arms into your hands. The hands are a natural extension of the heart chakra.

  • Start forming a ball of energy in your hands, and imagine this as your Merkaba.

  • Imagine the top pyramid of the pyramid spinning clockwise, pulling energy in from Source. And the bottom pyramid spinning counter-clockwise, expelling energy from you, into the Earth, to be transmuted.

  • Extend your hands apart, enlarging the MerKaBa as you do this. Place the pyramid around you, and you inside of it.

  • State four times, as you do this: "I Invoke the infinite Source Love-Light in Me." Speaking your intention will amplify the work you are doing with your imagination and hands.

  • I recommend doing this twice a day, in the morning first thing and in the evening at sunset.


Start practicing the MerKaBa Meditation and Shielding the minute you book your session to ensure the least amount of infringement prior to your session. I have found many clients feel clearer once they start this practice. This will aid in preparing you to be the highest vibration you can be for your session. With this technique, you are surrounded by a protective Source love-light pyramid/Merkabah from the beginning to the end of the session (I will also assist with this in the session). Know this and feel it so that you may further surrender to the infinite quantum healing energies.


13. Your Higher Self guides and protects you all along the way, from start to finish.

  • If you have to use the bathroom, it lets me know.

  • If conducting online and we get disconnected, your higher self will maintain you in hypnosis but alert you enough to hit reconnect on your device. Your higher self is you, so who to trust better than yourself?

  • Release fear, worry, and mistrust during the session. These are the biggest obstacles/walls in obtaining surrender for the quantum healing to be able to come through your mind/body/soul.

**There are no refunds on any single sessions. You must come prepared for the session as per the preparation guidelines.**

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