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Frequently Asked Questions about
Hypnosis Healing

Will Angelic Hypnosis Healing heal all of my symptoms and energetic blocks?

Your Higher Self, Angelics, and Guidance team will work to heal as many symptoms and/or blocks you have that are available to heal at the time of the session. That said, ascension and healing is like peeling back layers of skin from a very large onion. Usually we can peel back one or two layers at a time. We will experience an elevation of vibration when we do this, but as we also hold more Love-Light, more layers of that onion skin will become available to us. This means new layers will come to the surface to heal. When this happens, we can again begin to feel out of alignment or imbalanced within us. When this happens, it means it is time to go deeper with our healing, either through a Hypnosis Regression Session, Reiki Session, or other healing modality you are drawn to. We are complex souls, unraveling a complex soul history. Healing takes times and consciousness takes time to expand.

I haven't done any kind of Inner Work or Meditation Work Before. Am I ready for the hypnosis session?

Generally, I recommend doing some kind of inner work or shadow work before trying a hypnosis session. Inner/shadow-work will attune you to your psychic abilities and develop them. And it will also help you trust yourself at a deeper level, and will begin dismantling any fears you have of the darkness/shadow and your own imagination. Inner/Shadow-work will also begin healing root traumas, and will make it easier to remove negative entity attachments. I offer Shadow Work sessions. I always recommend trusting your guidance on the kind of modality that is right for you.

Why do Inner Work before a Hypnosis Session?

Doing Inner Work will build a powerful foundation for your integration of the Hypnosis or Reiki Sessions. I have found if someone doesn't have a good foundation of Inner Work already, this type of high vibrational work can make them spin out because either they can't easily integrate the new level of light in their vessel or because more shadow has come to the surface because of the elevation of vibration. See question above for more information.

Why work with me in these sessions?

As the facilitator, I assist you in achieving a deep hypnosis state by creating a powerful container of Love and Compassion into the session. This means, the higher the Love-Light Vibration of your practitioner's frequency, the higher state of consciousness you can move into in the session, because the practitioner is able to ground those higher frequencies into the session. I recommend, as the potential client, you feel into your body and heart to discern if I am the right fit for you, and if you feel a Loving and Compassionate presence through me that resonates with you. In addition, I am a compassionate listener, and know how to ask powerful questions to help you go deeper into your session and receive the information and healing at the highest level possible. Furthermore, I intuitively understand how to use the vibration of sound through my voice as a pathway for assisting others to move into meditative states. Many people overlook this, but I personally find for myself when the practitioner cannot use the frequency of Love through their voice, then I cannot move into a deep meditative state. And last, I have had a long and complex journey healing my own entity issue, and have journeyed deep into understanding how to use past life work to heal my traumas and blocks in this lifetime. This experience has allowed me to take my expansion through my own personal sessions with hypnosis regression to the next level, and it is something I teach my clients when they invest in working with me.

Does everyone have entities?

Yes, absolutely. I have never met anyone that doesn't, even if they believe negative entities don't exist. Negative entities are a part of our universal construct and serve us the same way we can say pathogens do, by amplifying any areas of toxic energies in our body. Some people have more complex issues around entities, but everyone has attachments, no matter how simple or complex the issue. There are many forms of entities as well, including thought form, disembodied spirits, reptilians, archons, organic AI, etc. Archons and AI are the only types of entities not organic to our universe.

Why do entities attach to people?

They can attach for a number of reasons, but usually it is because of unresolved traumas from this life, past life, or ancestral lineages. Once the trauma is resolved, it is usually easy to release the attachment, especially with the aid of Archangels. Most trauma connected to the attachments can be released in the Hypnosis session, but some trauma will require the person to do more inner work outside of a session before it can be released. Some attachments are more sinister than others. I have encountered many of those, but most people do not experience that level of sinister attachment. If you are, I usually prepare you for that level of work in other sessions first.

Do you have any recommended resources that may help me prepare for my session?

  • All of Dolores Cannon books. These are an excellent introduction to hypnosis regression and our galactic history. I read them in order, but you may be guided to read them in any order that aligns with you. She was the founder of QHHT.

  • You may be guided to watch hypnosis sessions from a variety of types of techniques, including QHHT, BQH, and other modalities. In some sessions, you may sometimes hear information that seems wrong (for example: a client not knowing Medical Medium information and believing the medical definitions of illness and disease). In my experience, sometimes a person's beliefs or what they are ready to hear can get in the way of clear answers from their Higher Guidance system.

  • This YouTube Video is an excellent introduction to entities and the journey to healing these attachments. Once you watch this video, you will understand why Inner Work or Shadow Work are so important to releasing the attachments. That said, you will also notice this practitioner hasn't delved into the arena of detox at the level that people in the Medical Medium journey have. Pathogens/toxins can lead to similar symptoms attachments can cause. So it is best to already be detoxing before doing this kind of work, in my opinion.

**There are no refunds on any single sessions. You must come prepared for the session as per the preparation guidelines.**

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