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Orange Tulip

Milena L.

Working with Zarnaz was the best decision I could have made. While I was treating myself, even though I was equipped with the right knowledge, my healing progressed, but quite slowly. Zarnaz’s energetic scans of my body and her tailored healing plan have allowed me to really fast track my progress. Zarnaz has such vast knowledge around healing, combined with her big heart and empathy. She has been guiding me through all levels of cleansing, whether physical, emotional or mental. I trust her fully in this journey. I have more patience for myself now as I am no longer confused by detox symptoms of any kind, all because I have her guidance and advice. For anyone who wants to know where they stand with their health and learn about the abundance of tools that can help us heal fast, I highly recommend working with Zarnaz.  I am deeply grateful for having met her and benefit from her incredible gift and knowledge. It has changed my life.

Pink Roses

Abby B.

With Zarnaz I can confidently say that I have found my person to guide me through the healing process. The search is over! While Anthony William (the Medical Medium) provides profound healing information, Zarnaz continues to teach me how to set that into action in the most efficient way possible. I have seen great improvement in many areas of my health (hydration and reduction in heavy metals and EBV particularly) in the relatively short time I have been using her advice to heal.  But not only that, Zarnaz has become something of a spiritual and ascension guide to me as well—always willing and happy to answer questions related to these many and varied topics.  She has been a motivator and catalyst in my continued healing. A guide and mentor. And what’s more, we get on together so well, that I consider her a close and dear friend. Thank you Zarnaz for all you do and continue to do. I look forward to working with you further!


Jessica B.

Thank you Zarnaz for your healing guidance.  I am grateful for your compassion and intuitiveness. Since working with you and applying Medical Medium supplements/protocols where it’s not overloading my body I am starting to feel clarity and healing is starting.”

Hibiscus Flower

Urska P.

I met Zarnaz when I was at my lowest point, almost giving up on Medical Medium. But she gave me courage and faith to keep going by showing me exactly how much work have I done so far, what where the missing pieces and what still needs to be addressed. She also encouraged me to start working on my emotional healing through our sessions and also by listening to her Instagram stories. I love how she`s answering all my questions with compassion and in a way that I feel reassured and calm. I always look forward to our sessions.

White Frangipani Flowers

Kayla D.

Hey Zarnaz, It was such a pleasure working with you. The intuitive body scan really surprised me! I had an idea of what my ailments were based on my symptoms, but it’s nice to have a clearer picture of my health based on your reading. I’m also feeling more confident moving forward with my healing journey with the supplement plan you tailored for me. Thank you so much!

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