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Embodying the Divine Feminine
Women's Circle

What to Expect in the Women's Circle

This is a 3 month journey to dive deep in a small community of sisters in the Divine Feminine.  Our stories are medicine as we share through this ancient old technique of the oral tradition.  When we sit in Circle, this space gives women a chance to share, listen, and receive on various dimensions.  Through honoring each other and our stories we learn to process them and clear energies, transforming them into higher vibrations.  We hold a place of no judgment and open our hearts to the compassion of each sister soul with us.  


This Sacred Circle is full of meaningful discussion, tools, practices, and intuitive insight.  This time is meant to slow us down and become vulnerable to the places we often like to keep hidden in our fast paced lives.  It connects us to one another, Source, and the collective community of our humanity beyond the identities we often feel we must show up in. We hold and welcome silence too in Circle.  There is never pressure to feel the obligation to speak.  Silence is a gift and attribute of the Divine Feminine we honor and learn from.

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Benefits you will Receive

  • Deeper connection with other journeying women

  • Greater alignment with your Higher Self and Source

  • Time to process your own journey in a safe & supportive space

  • Learn tools and practices from the women in the circle

  • Heal through the process of shared storytelling

  • Build your intuition and courage to share it with others

Who is this Women's Circle for

  • Anyone on any level of their healing journey

  • Women ready to sit in sacred space with others

  • Those looking for spiritual growth, healing,  and connection

The Women's Circle Includes

  • Embodiment Practices & Meditations

  • Discussion and topics that will challenge and open the heart space

  • Shared practices, inspiration, and stories

  • Co-creation and Manifestation Tools

  • Group Healing

Women's Circle Format & Schedule

6 Live Interactive Small Group Calls via Zoom

Every 2 weeks on Thursdays, Starting April 21st

April 21, May 5, 19, June 2, 16, and 30

5-6:30 PST / 8-9:30 EST

Enrollment Pricing


Meet your Facilitators


Zarnaz Fouladi

Zarnaz is an Intuitive Wellness Coach. She helps women to heal and find freedom from chronic illness through nutritional guidance, energy healing, and embodiment. Her work is guided by her own journey healing from debilitating chronic illness. She is deeply compassionate & has the unique ability to hold sacred space and help others process, deepen into, and expand through the challenges they may face as they heal. She is dedicated to her own evolving healing and expansion journey, & loves facilitating, sharing, and teaching about the Greater Soul journey we embark on when we choose to heal. 


Francesca Morgan

Francesca is a deeply empathic and intuitive soul that has faced a great deal of challenges as well as interior depth because of the lessons they give her.  Her heart and hands are wide open to each soul and their journey.  She believes wholeheartedly in the divine relationship between Spirit, humanity, and Mother Earth and how working together is vital to restoration. She loves working with her hands to create beauty and enjoys grounding rituals as a daily practice.  She is indebted to Divine Love and the path of relentless gratitude as the only answer to her soul’s longing and constant surrender.   

Testimonials from Previous Women's Circles

**There are no refunds on the Women's Circle, regardless of whether you leave the Circle or do not complete the content in the allotted time.**

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