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Semicircle of Crystals

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a relaxing and powerful modality that helps you connect to your inner source of vibrancy and life force, making it available to shift physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks to health and well-being.  One of the key areas people struggle with as they heal is how to process the amount of stored energy being released in their body as they heal. This can feel like emotional detox, pain, or sluggishness, but it is far more complex than that because we are clearing "energetic files" from this lifetime, ancestral lineages, and more in the process of healing.


Bringing in Energy Healing consistently helps clear the "energetic files" the body is bringing to the surface to cleanse, thereby increasing the life force moving through your system. It can result in more energy, decrease in symptoms, accelerated healing, and a feeling of lightness.

In these sessions we will connect into your intention for the session. The intention can be a symptom, an emotional block, or even a stuck behavior pattern. During the healing, I work with High Beings to help identify and clear any energies that are ready to be healed. I will also channel information to assist you in the healing. In these sessions I combine the following modalities: Emotion Code, Body Code, and Reiki. You do not have to understand these modalities to receive healing. Just come open to the possibility of healing and receive.

I have personally used Energy Healing for years to assist in my own healing journey. Bringing it into my practice has been life changing for my clients, and has amplified and accelerated their healing.

Semicircle of Crystals

Benefits you will Receive

  • Increase feelings of wellness.

  • Deep sense of relaxation.

  • A sense of lightness and ease.

  • More access to your own life force frequency.

Who is this for

  • For anyone who desires healing of symptoms, beliefs, behaviors.
  • Your children and pets!
  • Adults in your inner circle that have provided me with written consent to work on them (otherwise the healing cannot be received).

How to Prepare for Your Session

  • Please be hydrated and have water with you for our session.

  • Be in a quiet space that will easily allow you to receive the healing.

  • Have something (or things) in mind you would like to heal.

Integrating Your Session

  • Most people feel improvement either in or soon after the session, but we still want to support the integration process of the body (which can take a few hours or a few days). Continue to hydrate that day and the following days while you are integrating the healing.

  • You may experience some detox effects after the session. In addition to hydration, extra grounding will be beneficial (feet on earth or epsom salt baths)

  • Additional healing sessions are useful as new layers are always coming up to be healed.

Book your Session Here

Single Sessions


60 minutes

3 Session Package*


Three 60 minutes sessions

*Must be used within 3 calendar months of first scheduled appointment.


Hi I am Zarnaz! I help women break free from chronic illness and embody their authentic selves through nutritional guidance, energy healing, and embodiment.

One of the core tools that made a difference with my healing from chronic illness was Energy Healing. It was like a huge weight came off of me when I consistently used Energy Healing to accelerate my healing, heal symptoms, and feel better. It changed my life and has helped my clients catalyze their healing too. I love assisting humans and animals alike to feel better, lighter, and happier. I look forward to opening you up to a whole new world of healing potential!

Image by petr sidorov


**There are no refunds on any single sessions or packages. You are responsible for completing packages in the allotted time.**

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