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Welcome! I am Zarnaz!

I help women break free from chronic illness and accelerate their healing through nutritional guidance, energy healing, and inner work.

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Welcome! I am Zarnaz!

I help women break free from chronic illness and accelerate their healing through nutritional guidance, energy healing, and inner work.

Your body already has the infinite wisdom within it to heal you.
When you are able to tap into that potential, your life and health transform.

I help you to reclaim your health by identifying the root cause of your illness and accelerate your healing through Nutritional Guidance using Medical Medium information as a foundation and guided by Intuitive Scans that teach you how to fast track your healing; Energy Healing to help release stuck energies slowing your healing and contributing to symptoms; and Inner Work, or shadow-work, that teaches you how to alchemize and heal your mental, physical, and emotional blocks and even physical pain. These approaches help catalyze your healing to the next level, embody your highest self, and empower you to become your own healing expert.
Many of us have spent a lifetime looking for answers to heal our bodies and minds, often handing the authority of our health to others. For most of us the search never brought the healing we had hoped for. Even when we think we have found the answers and start to feel better, we may run into roadblocks that make us question the information or even how to move to the next level of healing.

You don't have to
keep suffering. You can and deserve to heal.

With the right information and knowing how to use it successfully, I was able to find my way out of the depths of chronic illness all the way to health freedom, and I know you can too. ​

My personal journey to health from Neurological Lyme Disease, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, and Fibromyalgia took me through many colorful chapters. I ultimately came to understand a holistic approach that integrates the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing from the start catalyzes people's journey in a way that a siloed approach cannot. It is not just the right foods, or just energy healing, or just inner work. It is the combination of these approaches that help you tap into your greatest healing potential.

Woven throughout my colorful journey, has been my dedicated practice to building my Intuition, with the goal of finding the most efficient and accelerated way to work with any tool, practice, or body of literature. This was driven by my own challenging journey, & my inner passion to feel Free and help guide others to do the same.
One of the core foundational pieces to my work is detoxification and regeneration of the body through Nutritional Guidance. This work is guided by the information that Anthony William the Medical Medium has shared about healing chronic illness in the modern era. Through extensive training, I have developed a methodology of distilling his information in a way that brings my clients faster results. These are guided by Intuitive Scans, which identify core imbalances (liver function, pathogen levels, detox channels functioning, etc.), what areas of healing have and have not been addressing in these core areas, and healing progress tracked over time. My clients who had already been working with Medical Medium information years before they found me, have all shared that these scans removed the mystery of what they were specifically healing and showed them why they felt stuck in their healing progress. I take this to the next level by teaching my clients how to address the missing critical pieces to their physical healing to catapult them to the next Stage of Healing..

Energy Healing allows us to work through energetic imbalances that contribute to symptoms or emotional blocks, providing potential symptom relief and removal of mental or emotional blocks to healing. Almost all symptoms that are slow to heal have an energetic component that needs to be addressed, including trapped emotions, blockages, negative entities, and beyond. Doing this kind of work from the beginning of our work together will help you heal at an accelerated rate. Energy Healing modalities I use include Emotion Code, Body Code, Reiki, Entity Removal Techniques, and Hypnosis Healing. I also teach my clients the basics of Energy Healing when they are ready to learn so that they can accelerate their healing even further.

Inner work, or shadow-work, is the core of the Soul journey, opening us up to build our Intuition; learn energy alchemy; heal and integrate our fears and wounds; release stuck symptoms; Manifest our desires; and navigate the Spiritual Awakening many of us experience when we choose to heal. I use Inner Child Healing, Somatic Alchemy, Trance Meditation, Energy Healing, Intuition building, Coaching, and Spiritual Teaching as pathways to Inner Work.

These 3 principles (nutritional guidance, energy healing, and inner work) are woven across all my offerings.

To understand the depth of what I offer a long term dedicated approach to working with me will offer you the greatest healing results. I invite you to dive in with me and open up to your greatest potential.

Unsure of which option to choose?
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Holistic Modalities I use to help women heal
  • Nutritional guidance utilizing a whole foods, plant-based diet and natural supplements for healing of chronic and mystery illness guided by principles taught by the Medical Medium. These are guided by Intuitive Scans.
  • Energy Healing to assist in clearing and healing mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks to healing. This includes Emotion Code, Body Code, Reiki, Hypnosis Healing, Entity Removal, and Phototherapy patch technology.
  • Inner Work, including inner child healing, somatic alchemy, trance meditation, and intuition development.
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From debilitating fatigue, emotional exhaustion, and chronic pain, to a life vibrantly lived.

It is my life's mission to support others on their journey to Health Freedom.

Are you ready to start your journey?

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