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A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing

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Are you looking to unlock the organic memory of your consciousness and your soul, through the art of past life regression? Desiring to accelerate your healing process and remove the energies blocking you from embodying your highest healing potential? Wanting to learn the true power of self healing?


Whether this is your first past life regression session or not, A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing technique will bridge you to be able to achieve the deepest and most sacred hypnotic state, allowing you to self heal and activate at an accelerated rate.

A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing technique combines sacred alchemy energy work, past life regression, entity removal, and self healing. These Quantum Healing sessions are truly like receiving dozens of regular healing sessions, but with the added benefit of self activation and self healing! It's beyond anything I've personally experienced!

Why do an AURA session?

Past life regression allows us to tap into the vast stores of history your soul holds. Your Higher Self serves as your guide to bring forth the lifetime you are meant to see and experience. These past lifetimes often activate us into a higher knowing of who we are, why we are working on the traumas we are healing in this lifetime, and allow us the opportunity to heal that lifetime. Each past life is truly remarkable, and will open you up to the greater knowledge of the history of this universe. Here is a great example of an A.U.R.A. past life regression. I also have several other listed at the bottom of this webpage.

Beyond just past life regression, A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing is also an Entity Removal Technique. We have found that negative entities, A.I., and negative energies we hold within us through both our physical and energy bodies, are a major contributing factor to the root cause of illness and why some people can feel blocked in their healing no matter what they do! That means removal of negative entities and other infringements is key for accelerating your healing, AND it also will assist you in profoundly to walk the most organic path by removing yourself from the 3D Inverted A.I. Matrix. The sacred teachings given to us through Phoenix Rising Aurora allow for the most rapid and gentle entity removal process, powerful beyond any other entity removal modality that I have experienced.

As part of the Entity Removal Body Scan, the Higher Self and Angels can assist  you in Self Healing the following:

Damage from all types of injections, A.I., illnesses, disease, vision, dental health, regrow teeth, age regress 5-15 yrs, DNA repair, blocked or misaligned chakras, issues with auric field, negative cords, negative implants, hooks, portals, removal of entities, Reptilian Consciousness or Archons, fragmented soul, removal of negative contracts, and traumas from current or past life.

Once these inversions are released, the body is then able to reach the high enough vibration to begin its journey of self-healing. Being that, what was once energetically clogged, like a river needing to be in flow is no longer stagnant. Allowing an infinite flow of the client's organic Love-Light to once again freely channel through the vessel, metamorphosing the body back into its original, organic, pure, soul blueprint. In turn, self-heal oneself.

In addition to Entity Removal Technique, client brings a list of questions for the Self Healing portion of the session. During this, we work with your Higher Self to answer these and activate self healing on additional issues the client wishes to heal.


The end result of these powerful sessions is a higher connection with your Higher Self, and a deeper understanding of who you are and what this universe is here to teach us, including how this inverted matrix works. You will also receive powerful shields and techniques to take with you to practice everyday, to ensure you remain in your most beautiful organic timeline.

Why makes AURA different from other hypnosis techniques

Other Hypnosis Practitioners that have received an A.U.R.A. Hypnosis session are astonished at the difference they have felt because of the beginning energy work, in agreement that energy work is essential before a past life regression session is conducted. The combination of the Sacred Angelic Energy Work, creates a bridge for you to connect to your Higher Self. This is the difference from other regression techniques. The key being, the energy work is done before the Hypnosis induction begins.

In other past life regression sessions, the full connection isn’t until the middle of the session, until the Higher Self is called forth officially. When the connection is created at the beginning through sacred energy work, it further aids in not allowing your ego-mind to be as successful, in interfering with your Higher Self connection. Therefore, allowing more detail to come forth into the journey of your infinite creation, and prosperous self-healing. Additionally, if you are not able to connect to your Higher Self to Quantum Heal or if a deeper connection is needed Archangels and Ascended Masters in union with your Higher Self aid instead. Assisting you to reach the point of connection for the healing of your mind, body, and soul...

The Power of Self Healing

The most influential accomplishment through A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing sessions, is aiding the client in realizing that they can connect to their higher self/soul in obtaining their inner knowing and self-healing. A client can receive multiple readings delivered to them by someone else throughout their life, but it is not until they have empowered themselves in understanding that all answers lie within, is when our spirits truly obtain remembrance and growth.

Our higher self/soul is truly God/Creator. When you unlock and connect to this vibration which is infinite within you, you are able to find all the answers you have been in search for, and receive these unlimited self-healing capabilities through the Quantum World. Your soul, your Higher Self, your consciousness, and speak from it.

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Who is this for

  • You desire accelerated healing of illness, symptoms, or regeneration of your body.
  • Anyone seeking clarity on who they are, their mission here on earth, and their challenges they are faced with.
  • You want to activate into your psychic and intuitive abilities, and develop a stronger connection with your Higher Self and guidance team.
  • You interested to learn about your past, present, or future lifetimes, including healing them and healing how they are affecting you in this lifetime!
  • You are dedicated to your journey and want to be cleared of infringements like entities, technologies, and beyond that keep you locked into things like illness, traumas, and the inverted matrix.

Session Preparation and Logistics

  • Click on this link for details on how to prepare for your session. Please read the page in detail, including watching the recommended videos and doing the suggested practices. I suggest reading this page before you book!

  • Sessions are 4-5 hours in length. Most people feel deeply rested after their sessions.

  • Please be hydrated and have water with you for our session.

  • Be in a quiet space that will easily allow you to receive the healing.

  • Have something (or things) in mind you would like to heal or ask, and send these to me in advance of the session (see preparation sheet for how to do this).

Integrating Your Session

  • Most people feel improvement either in or soon after the session, but we still want to support the integration process of the body (which can take a few hours or a few days). Continue to hydrate that day and the following days while you are integrating the healing.

  • You may experience some detox effects after the session. In addition to hydration, extra grounding will be beneficial (feet on earth, sunshine, or epsom salt baths)

  • Maintain a plant based diet for 2 weeks after your session.

  • Start using your new shields immediately after receiving them!

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A.U.R.A. Hypnosis

& Healing

**if you have received the V****ne for C*v*d or intend to receive it before the session, please contact me prior to booking to ensure that I will be able to provide this session to you.**


Hi I am Zarnaz! I help women break free from chronic illness and embody their authentic selves through nutritional guidance, energy healing, and embodiment.

I have been on my personal healing journey from debilitating chronic illness to health for the last 5+ years. Throughout the journey I have integrated powerful healing tools along the way. Learning to work and self heal through the Quantum Field has been a pivotal part of my healing and ascension journey. AURA Hypnosis & Healing Sessions are the most powerful sessions I offer, not only because they can remove the energetic blocks you have to your healing, but also because the sessions assist you in merging with your Higher Self, accelerating you in your awakening and activation process with each session.



**There are no refunds on any single sessions. You must come prepared for the session as per the preparation guidelines.**

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